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Tommy´s Margarita

One of the most popular margaritas's in the world due to its citric and brilliant flavors that can transform any backyard into a party

Shopping List 

Step by step

1) Add all ingredients to a cocktail shaker with ice

2) Shake vigorously for 6 seconds

3) Serve in a short glass with fresh ice, decorate


  • 45 ml Patrón Silver
  • 25 ml Agave syrup
  • 1 Slice Lemon
  • 25 ml Lemon juice

French Mule

Sour and spicy, a fizzy vodka classic.

Shopping List 

Step by step

1) Fill the mug with ice to chill it before mixing.

2) Add the juice of half a freshly squeezed lime.

3) Add the Grey Goose® vodka and then mix in the ginger beer.

4) Add a lime wedge and a ginger wedge for garnish.


50 ml Grey Goose

1 Slice Fresh ginger (optional)

90 ml Ginger beer

1 Slice Lemon

10 ml Lemon juice


Notes of lemon and spearmint, a refreshing summer-flavored rum cocktail, perfect to enjoy the sunset and other magical moments.

Shopping List 

Step by step

1) Squeeze half a lime into the glass, add the sugar and stir.

2) Press the mint leaves between the palms of your hand and rub the rim of a glass with them before putting them inside.

3) Fill half the glass with crushed ice, add the Bacardí Superior, Carta Blanca and stir.

4) Fill the glass with crushed ice, a sprig of mint, and soda.


50 ml Bacardí Superior

8 Sprigs Fresh mint

1 Crushed Ice

25 ml Lemon juice

25 ml Soda

25 ml Sugar syrup

Martini mimosa

Classic and refreshing cocktail made with two simple ingredients.

Step by step

1) Add the orange juice to a champagne glass

2) Top with Prossecco Martini


  • 25 ml Martini Prosecco
  • 25 ml Orange juice

Elderflower highball

Floral and fruity, a delicious highball that balances the flavors

Shopping List 

Step by step

1) Add the liqueurs to a tall glass.

2) Add ice cubes.

3) Add the club soda.

4) Stir once and add a few drops of lemon over the top of the glass.

5) Garnish with the mint and lemon.


  • 40 ml Dewar’s 15
  • 100 ml Club soda
  • 1 Sprig Fresh mint
  • 1 Unit Lemon twist
  • 20 ml St. Germain®

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